So cute! Check out Kelli as Alice!

One of Go Ask Alice Cullen‘s readers, Kelli, sent me this e-mail:

Saturday night, my hubby and I went to a Halloween party. I went as Alice! Here’s some pictures! Notice my pale, glittery skin…and of course, my Cullen eyes!
I had so much fun getting ready and going out to eat as Alice! And then we get to the party…and it was OUTSIDE. In the COLD, DARK, RAINY night. So stupid! I was so ticked no one could see my amazing Halloween efforts!
Obviously, I didn’t go with a true Alice outfit, just Alice-inspired. I can’t afford a whole Alice outfit yet! :oP
Sorry to send so many pictures! I just couldn’t decide which ones I liked best. In case you wonder, I believe the contacts are Freshlook Colorblends in Honey. I’m not positive. I just have a demo/plano pair that I got a couple months ago. (Yes, with the word “DEMO” across them…lol, luckily it didn’t show up too bad in the pics!) My eyes are a very dark olive green in bright light, and they brown in dark light…so I thought these contacts worked pretty great considering how dark my eyes are!
Let me know what you think! I was so excited to be Alice for the night! It was my first time dressing up as her! :o)

Love, Kelli (aka Alice)

She looks fantastic and totally has the attitude down; I can’t get over it. See for yourself!

Kelli is proof that you can find inspiration for Alice in your own closet and absolutely make it work. If anyone else is dressing as Alice, for Halloween or otherwise, send me your photos and a bit about your costume to We’d love to see them!



  1. Aww, I was so excited to see your post! I feel so special to have gotten a whole entry just for me! You are too sweet. I can’t wait to see if anyone else sends ya some pictures! I’d love to see some other takes on Alice. 🙂 Love her!

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