Dream items

Everyone has a dream item: that one, elusive thing you want but either can’t find, can’t afford, or can’t have, period. This is probably true a thousand times over if you’re a collector of Alice’s clothing, because not only is almost every piece out of stock, they’re usually ridiculously expensive when you can find them. This doesn’t apply to everything, of course, and sometimes you get lucky. For instance, I got the trench coat that Alice wore in Eclipse — which I’ll make a real post on later — for only $50 on eBay. It retailed for over $200!

Still, no matter how lucky I get, it seems like certain items continue to elude me. And listen, I’m not greedy; I don’t want everything. Just these three things!

The Rebecca Taylor dress Alice wore in New Moon

The Knitted & Knotted Limehouse sweater coat

The dress Alice wore to the graduation party in Eclipse

I’ve seen the Rebecca Taylor dress on eBay exactly twice, and I couldn’t afford it either time. And we all know how I feel about overpaying for the sweater coat. As for the Eclipse dress, I’ve scoured eBay seemingly to the ends of the earth and have never seen anything that even resembles it.

So tell me, lovelies: are there any pieces, either for Bella or Alice or anyone else you happen to collect items for, that are your dream ones? What are they? I’m on eBay quite a bit, so if there’s anything I can keep an eye out for to help someone out, I’ll do it gladly.



  1. hmm id have to go with the gray hoodie bella wears when she confront jacob in pouring rain in new moon πŸ™‚ – also, Bella’s green energie henley in twilight πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ both look great! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. i cant for the life of me remember what the name of it is – it looks brown some of the time but im pretty sure its original color is gray – she wears it when she almost gets killed by Laurent as well

      2. Er it was brown! She wears it under something, when Jacob goes 2 Forks High, oh and I also want 2 know where I can buy my own Jasper or Edward?!
        ❀ I ❀ Edward!
        P.s: I want to see some clothes that Mackenzie Foy wears in Breaking Dawn… As Renesmee Carlie Cullen!

  2. The item that I reall want are Rosalie’s heels from Twilight ( the ones she wears during Bella meeting the Cullens)!!!!!

  3. What is that trench called? Ive been searching high and low for something similar. Itd be nice to have a name to put to the search!

  4. Two you mentioned are definitely ones I want! The Rebecca Taylor dress and the graduation party outfit. And, considering where I’ll be moving, I would love to have Alice’s blue puffy jacket from Twilight. Wish I knew who made it. And the Inverness trench (lucky you!! $50!!).
    Oh…and the Sam Edelman flats. That’d be nice.

  5. Well, I was wondering where I might be able to get some clothes that match the ones in Twilight. When the Cullen’s walked into the cafeteria, Alice was wearing that white coat thing, and all of that!!!
    Thx alot I’d you can help!!!!!!
    Just cause I ❀ Edward doesn't mean I don't ❀ Alice!!! ❀
    I ❀ Edward!!! xoxoxo

  6. Ya, me again!!! I know this sounds dumb, but what should I wear when I go on Dazzeled by Twilight Tour? I’m thinking something Alicey! I have hair like Alice’s so… Tell me what I should wear!!!
    PLZ?!?!?!!! Luv
    I ❀ Edward!

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