Love, death, birth

Hi, ladies:

I made an addition to my blogroll! Check out Love Death Birth, where Sam, a very cool Edward Cullen cosplayer, is documenting her progress as she recreates Bella Swan’s wedding dress. I’ve been fascinated with the project from the beginning — mostly wishing that I had that sort of hands-on talent. Admittedly, I don’t make clothing; I just buy it. It’s incredibly interesting, so take a look and marvel at the talent and effort that has gone into making this dress.

Speaking of Sam, her lovely Esme, Danielle, sent me a few pictures of their UK-based cosplay group. Check them out below!

Remember: if you’re proud of your collection or cosplay and want to share it with others, send some photos my way. I’ll put them up for you so we can all admire them.



  1. Thanks for the mention hun. Can’t believe Danielle sent pics to you. I remember her saying something about snow pics but apparently I wasn’t listening. Remind me to kill her later 🙂

  2. Sam is awesome and her cosplays are amazing! I totally had no idea I knew her from coscom.
    I can’t wait to see the finished dress. It’s looking gorgeous so far!

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