Cosplay. It brings everyone together!

The great thing about cosplaying as Alice, or simply collecting her clothing, is that when you meet someone else who does it, you form an instant bond. After all, who else could understand the need – nay, the obsession – to find exactly the pair of sunglasses Alice wore in New Moon? Who else could bemoan the fact that short, spiky hair is really, really hard to keep perky in the summer? Who else would look at your pair of ridiculously expensive theatrical contact lenses and gasp, “I need them!” rather than sneer, “you paid how much for those?”

Luckily, I keep encountering some very cool Alice Cullen cosplayers, which has almost completely overshadowed my negative experiences (which I may blog about later). The latest is Holly, an adorable cosplayer from the UK who runs the blog Mini Alice Cullen’s Adventures in the Wide World. I don’t know why she’s called ‘Mini Alice’ – is it because she’s so young and cute? Is she super short — even shorter than my 5’2? Maybe she’ll be kind enough to tell us!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some new photos Mini Alice took in the snow. Luckily, a vampire such as herself wouldn’t feel the cold.



  1. She was called Mini Alice by herself because at the time the Cullen group had an Alice and it kept getting confusing when we shouted Alice and both replied. At which point she dubbed herself Mini Alice. Also the fact that I believe she is about 5ft 2in and the other Alice is 5ft 7in which is in fact taller than our Edward, Rosalie and Jasper and almost the same height as Emmett. I love Mini Alice she rocks!

  2. Heeyyy it’s mee!!
    Sam’s right, it was partly because I was young, and because I’m a shortass ahaha, but also because there was already an Alice in their Cullen group, who was taller than me and also older. That’s the story behind my name aha 😛
    Thanks for posting about meeee! ^^ ❤
    Mini Alice ❤

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