Alice’s deep thoughts and observations

Hello, ladies:

I’ve been considering Alice’s movie clothing in relation to Alice Cullen the character from the novels. What I’ve really been amazed by is how much “Alice’s” style as it’s portrayed in the movie is influenced by the fact that she’s played by Ashley Greene. Not sure what I mean? Here’s what I’ve been considering.


– Ashley Greene isn’t 4’10 – in fact, she’s a little bit taller than Kristen Stewart. With that in mind, do they put her in ballet flats because Alice would really wear them, or to de-emphasize her height? Personally, most people I know who are that short like to wear shoes that give them lift.

– Ashley Greene has stated that she didn’t wear black wigs for the films because they didn’t work with her colouring. She also had more of a say in how her hair was styled in Breaking Dawn – which is the least favourite wig of many fans.

– Although it suits her whimsical personality, would Alice even be able to wear most items from Anthropologie? She’s described as “extremely” thin by Bella in the books, which suggests to me – for her height – that she can’t weigh much more than 80 pounds. As we all know, the majority of Anthropologie’s clothing runs large. I’m 100 pounds, and even XS and size 0 clothing can be too big on me. Would any of it fit Alice without severe alterations? And if she had to alter her clothing so much, why would she bother with Anthropologie when she could get higher end or custom made clothing?

– In Eclipse, Alice wears a “black sequined tank top with red leather pants.” We know she’s a fashionista because Stephenie Meyer told us so, but do you know anyone who cares deeply for fashion who would wear such an outfit? I don’t. I can’t tell if Alice is just someone who loves clothing and has the money to buy it – without really having an eye for fashion – or if Stephenie Meyer’s scope is so limited that she actually thought that outfit sounded good.

– Ashley Greene doesn’t have much in the way of a waist – how many potential “Alice” items were chosen simply to give the illusion that she has more of a shape? They’ve been putting belts and ribbons around her waist for this reason, but as someone who’s 5’2, I find that wearing belts at the waist makes me look shorter. I certainly wouldn’t wear them if I was 4’10, but maybe that’s just me and my proportions.

That’s the end of my random observations for today! Now, onto the good stuff.

– Alice’s D&G cardigan, as seen in the Breaking Dawn Part 1 promo pictures, is back on in a size 6. Pick it up while you can!

– A lot of rare items have been on eBay lately, included the Knitted & Knotted Limehouse Sweater Coat, two Rebecca Taylor dresses, Inverness trench coat, the Michael Kors ombré driving coat, and the Organpipe sweater, to name a few. I’m noticing that this is the time of year that the best stuff appears for sale. Is it because people are evaluating their collections in order to make more money for the holidays? Seems like a pretty safe bet.

Keep your eyes open, and happy hunting!



  1. I have to agree. I love the book Alice. I had always disagreed on her hair although I do love her spiky look in twilight. I think her hair style in breaking dawn goes better with the description in the book. However, it’s not black.
    I hadn’t thought of her shoes. Thats a good point!

  2. Hi Alice!!!!
    I 100% agree with you!!!! When I was reading the Twilight books- I noted Stephanie Meyer’s mention of Alice Cullen being very fashionable yet when I read about her wearing red leather pants and a sequin top I didn’t imagine she would wear that. A few of my friends said the same thing. I think the films do a great job of capturing Alice’s love of fashion and great style sense but sometimes the descriptions of Alice’s clothing in the books lacked true style.
    Great post- just discovered your blog… 🙂

  3. I like Alice’s hair from Eclipse and could see book Alice having wigs. I think Alice does have a fashion sense she obviously loves it since she is always shopping and probably keeps up with the trends but finds stuff that would blend in more but she is the most fashionable of the bunch. I could see her sewing a designing her own clothes too.

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