Call to action: Alice’s graduation dress from Eclipse

Hi, ladies:

After a family hardship at the end of last month, I’ve been trying to distract myself, which usually ends up with me mindlessly scouring eBay for Alice items. I don’t have to think much while I do it, so it’s oddly soothing. In fact, that’s how I spotted Alice’s Cordial Embrace dress by Sparrow.

But there’s one item that has always eluded me – all of us, even – no matter how often I’ve searched for it: the dress Alice wore to the graduation party in Eclipse.


I’d also like to identify the bracelet she’s wearing, but that’s neither here nor there. The focus of this post is on that cute little dress, which we know virtually nothing about. I do have some theories, though:

– it’s navy blue, not black. I thought it was black for the longest time, but when you compare it to the bow in her hair, which clearly is black, it’s navy blue.

– it comes in more than one colour: other than navy, it’s been seen in fuchsia.

– it has to be made by a more accessible brand, rather than a high end one. Otherwise, I don’t think it would have been featured in the Scentsy Spring/Summer 2011 catalog. Just a hunch.


– I think it’s by Anthropologie. I’m basing this off the fact that Anthropologie has a few items that look similar, like the A New Wrinkle Pullover. Note the familiar ruching around the collar:


Also similar: the Berry Tart Tunic.

ImageAnd, lastly, the Lakefront Top:


Is this definitive proof that the dress is by Anthropologie? No, but certain brands have certain styles, and I would say that if nothing else, the above items are proof that Anthropologie falls within the realm of possibility. I’ve sent an e-mail to the company asking for any information they can provide, but I’m not exactly holding my breath.

My second line of thought with this is that Alice tends to wear the same brands over and over again, and Anthropologie is by far the frontrunner.

So now that I’ve done all that legwork, here’s where you come in: let’s find this thing! This has been my dream item from the moment I saw it, and the fact that it’s so elusive is irking my curious little brain.

We can do this. We can find it. And if someone happens to find it before I do, repeat after me: Alice is an extra small. Don’t leave me out in the cold, here. 😉



  1. I shall strive to find it! ❤ Back in my early cosplaying days I bought a dress that I thought looked similar. I thought. I didn't compare it to actual pictures before I bought it, it looks nothing like it! I was very silly back then.

  2. I still can’t believe it was in that Scentsy catalog. I had to track one of those crazy things down. I knew I wasn’t going crazy when I thought I saw it in there.
    I thought the dress was a dark purple at first, but after seeing the image in the trading cards I assumed it was blue.
    You know that I’ve been searching, too. We just have to keep trying!! Hopefully we’ll find it.

  3. That is not the same dress as in the Scentsy catalog. Look at the difference in the ruching in the sleeve in the Alice dress and the catalog. Alice dress looks like silk, the Scentsy dress more of a rougher poly. Back to Alice’s dress — maybe Rebecca Taylor or Leifsdottir?

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