New Alice Cullen merchandise available!

Hey, everyone!

As many of you know, being part of the Olympic Coven is a labor of love that requires a huge investment in time, money and resources. We’re extremely fortunate to have fans who help support us financially through Patreon, and we do our best to make up for any funding gaps via merchandise sales.

This year, our new line of merchandise is New Moon-themed and was designed by our very own Olympic Coven Renesmee. Every active member of the Olympic Coven has their own design inspired by situations or quotes from the saga.

Pixie Vampire Tee

If you’re an Alice Cullen fan and want to add a piece of custom, specially-designed merchandise to your wardrobe, consider visiting the Alice section of our 2019 Olympic Coven Teespring Store! In typical Alice fashion, there are sizes, colors and styles available for every taste. I’ll be pairing mine with a pair of skinny jeans, flats, and a chic blazer. 😉

If you purchase a shirt, send me a photo of you wearing it – I’d love to add you to my #FrighteningLittleMonsters album on Facebook! These will only be available this summer, so don’t miss out!



  1. Thank you
    This has helped me so much because I too have been judged as a mom of grown daughters why I like twilight , it’s all about being comfortable with who you are’s all about liking what you like bottom line, it’s a family , and I love my twi family
    Thanks Alice Lisa

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