About Me

I’m not really Alice Cullen. But by interacting with fans, posting on social media, and through creating original Twilight content, I do step into her shoes almost every day.

My name is Vee – known online as Vee Elle as Alice Cullen – and in real life, I work in communications. But in my free time, I play a fictional pixie vampire for the Olympic Coven, the world’s premiere Twilight acting troupe.

What does that mean? Basically, I’m a Disney Princess for the Twilight fandom. Once a year, the city of Forks, Washington brings the Olympic Coven to their small, sleepy town to celebrate Twilight with its diehard fans. I’m there to make you feel like maybe – just maybe – Alice Cullen could be a real person who really does live in Forks.

Go Ask Alice Cullen is a closer look at my life and travels playing a vampire; a glimpse into the Twilight fandom; and a celebration of all things Alice Cullen.