As a member of the Twilight fandom since 2008, I am well equipped to discuss Twilight, its fandom, traveling to Forks, and my cosplay experiences as Alice Cullen for anyone producing Twilight-focused pieces for print, online or broadcast.

I am located in Toronto, Ontario but have made myself available for interviews via e-mail and Skype, as well as on-the-ground in Forks, Washington.

For interview inquiries, please e-mail

Choice interviews and features include:

  • Interview for i-D: How TikTok has ushered in the Twilight renaissance
  • Interview for Remember Twilight? Podcast: Mary.Alice.Brandon: The Human Behind the Vampire
  • Interview for Another Bite of Twilight Podcast: #29- Forever Twilight in Forks Festival: Talking with ‘Alice’ & ‘Aro’
  • Feature in Metro UK: I’m Your Biggest Fan: ‘I live my life as Alice Cullen from Twilight’
  • Interview for Fandom Uncovered: We Made a Twilight Documentary?! | Fandom Uncovered