Ever wanted to know more about me or the origins of the blog? Here’s your chance to find out.

Do you think you look like Alice? You don’t really think you are her, right?
I don’t think I look a thing like Ashley Greene, but I do share the slight frame,  pale skin, and small features that Alice is described as having in the books. And despite our similarities, I don’t really think I’m a fictional character!

Why the fixation with dressing like Alice, then?
Dressing as Alice and representing Twilight at conventions seemed like a natural way to combine my love for cosplay with my love for Twilight. When I buy her clothes, I stick to things that I would wear anyway as part of my own wardrobe – and then try to find them for as cheaply as possible.

Okay, so where do you get the money to dress like Alice?
I’m by no means rich, if that’s what you’re asking; I wish a had a Cullen-sized bank account. Everything else has been bought with my own money, and through donations from some very generous friends. Ebay and Poshmark are magical, by the way – I’ve found a lot of Alice’s pieces cheaply through sellers on those sites.

Do you use your own hair or a wig? What would you recommend?
Initially, I used my own hair. On a typical morning, it took about 20 minutes to half an hour to style it, using a flat iron and a lot of hair spray. As something of a warning, it’s not a glamorous cut when it’s not styled, and it can be difficult to maintain in the heat of the summer. I would never suggest cutting your hair solely to dress as Alice, so unless it’s a style that you genuinely want for yourself, I’d suggest finding a nice wig.

These days, I have six wigs that I use to portray Alice: One Twilight wig; one that’s versatile enough to span New Moon and Eclipse; one pixie for Breakin Dawn; and three vintage-styled wigs for special events.

My recommendation: Either purchase a base wig that is then cut and styled by a hair stylist that’s used to working with wigs, or go directly to a cosplay wig stylist who can style you a wig from scratch. It will be expensive, but that’s what will get you the best-looking results. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a high quality, natural-looking “Alice Cullen wig” that you can purchase online without it being a very pricey custom order.

Do you cosplay by yourself or with friends?
In my opinion, cosplay is more fun with friends! In fact, my group of friends formed a Twilight cosplay group called the Olympic Coven, and we are now the world’s premiere Twilight acting troupe. Our members have appeared at Twilight conventions, premieres, fan events and festivals across the United States and Canada. We bring Bella Swan, Jacob Black, and the entire Cullen family to life through photos, videos, and real-world interactions with Twilight fans traveling from all over the world!

Across the US, huh? Have you ever been to Forks?
I visit Forks, Washington once a year to portray Alice Cullen alongside the Olympic Coven at Forever Twilight in Forks, the town’s annual Twilight fan festival. My first trip to Forks was with Christilynn of Inside Bella’s Closet.

Wait! What is Forever Twilight in Forks?
Forever Twilight in Forks (FTF) an an annual Twilight fan convention hosted in Forks, Washington. Designed as a celebration of The Twilight Saga and the enduring spirit of its fandom, FTF is always hosted on a weekend in September that most closely coincides with Bella Swan’s birthday, September 13.

FTF features appearances by celebrity guests, Twilight-themed events, costume contests, games and more. The Olympic Coven is hired every year to bring Stephenie Meyer’s characters to life during the festival, providing an element of both fantasy and realism that makes fans feel like they’ve stepped into the pages of the books.

How do you feel about other people cosplaying as Alice?
The more the merrier! I don’t believe in a “there can be only one” mentality for cosplay. It’s for everyone.


  1. I think that you’re awesome! I have a friend that seems to be like you… She is thinking about cutting her hair like Alice, and everything she buys has a “tutch of Alice”. On the other hand im a huuuge.. – Bella kinda person.
    I have her backpack, shoes, hair, jackets, clothes, practicly anything that she has.

    I guess that we are the younger you and Bells… -Younger Alice and Bella


  2. I love you and all the effort you put into this fandom! I hope you and the rest of the Olympic Coven will be doing your thing for as long as possible. You look like a wonderful Alice and have the most positive vibes. I can totally picture her being impressed by your cosplay of her! ❤ Love you!

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