Sam Edelman Cruz flat pewter shoes

In Twilight, Alice wears a really cute pair of flats by Sam Edelman called Cruz pewter flats. As the name may suggest, they’re made of pewter-coloured leather and feature a crackle finish. They also feature the Sam Edelman initials fashioned out of black and silver rhinestones. When they were first released, they retailed for $118.

Alice wears these in a number of scenes in Twilight, including when she’s first introduced in the cafeteria. You can also see them in a promotional still, although in the actual movie, she wears simpler silver ballet flats with that outfit.  As you can see, though, she gets some serious mileage out of those flats — and why shouldn’t she? They’re ridiculously cute.

The only problem for us is that you can’t find them anywhere. Trust me. I’ve looked. I’ve scoured Ebay endlessly in the hopes that not only would I find them, I’d find them in my size — and I’ve always been disappointed. But if you really love these flats and need to have them, there is hope in the form of the bronze version.

They’re currently on Ebay in a size 8.5, for only $63.99 USD — quite the discount, although not surprising, since they’ve been out of stores for a while. You can also get them at in a size 8 for $76. It’s a good opportunity to infuse a little bit of Alice into your wardrobe with your own twist.

Love ’em? Wish Sam Edelman would reissue the pewter version? Maybe we can send them some e-mails and encourage them to re-release them, like Curious Gypsy did with Bella’s thermal. Let me know what you think, and I’ll be sure to let you know if I find them on Ebay!



  1. I think a re-issue would be awesome. But the cost of the flats. I adore them, but $118 is rather steep for flats. I’m sure a cute alternative could be done up like the Cruz flats.

    1. a cute alternative is definitely doable — locally, i’ve seen lots of flats that have the same circular adornment on the toes, and at more reasonable prices. i’m definitely going to look some up so people can see the some similar options.

      i suspect the cost of the flats is due to the fact that they’re leather and handmade, which justifies the price to me in some way. i buy cheap flats all the time and they’re ruined after a month or two — i think these would (hopefully) last much longer.

  2. Yeah I could see the cost for being handmade and leather but still. It is a tad much. I’d like a little more shoe for that. As for how long they’d last being made of leather if properly cared for they should last a lifetime. The soles would be the only worry, if you wore those out.

    Yeah I’ve seen some flats lately that look pretty nice. I just don’t like how they only come in whole sizes because I am a comfortable 7.5, nothing smaller or larger feels right.

    1. i guess that’s an advantage to the sam edelman flats — more sizing options. they come in half sizes, unlike a lot of the cheaper ones.

      do you find that you can only wear a 7.5 regardless of the brand? it seems like i wear a different size based solely on who made the shoes or where i bought them.

  3. No I can wear a size 6 in the Candies brand flat. Not sure if you have that brand in Canada but its for Khols. But most shoes a 7.5 is the magic size.

  4. So, I was randomly searching websites today for these flats and I got so excited for a moment…I found a site that sold the pewter ones for $75!! I knew it was too good to be true, sure enough the moment I clicked the “add to cart” button a page came up saying “This item is currently unavailable…” Let down. It should have said that right on the front page!

      1. 7. =) Thank you! I keep looking and looking, but nothing. And I’m a sucker for flats. Have you seen the pewter ones on Ebay before? All I keep finding online are the gold ones.

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