Anthropologie Sparrow cardigan

One of these is on Ebay right now in a size small. It’s got a starting bid of $49.99 with a buy it now price of $69.99 — a steal! The last one I saw went for $165. If you’ve been looking for this pretty little cardigan and you wear a size small, snatch this up! The seller doesn’t seem to realize what she has. 🙂



  1. So sweet! Makes me wish I had $70 just laying around! Someone’s gonna get a great deal! It’s free shipping for those in the US too. I did another search on Anthropology Sparrow Cardigan on ebay…and my goodness, is it just me or could you see Alice wearing almost any of those!? It’s like they were all designed just for her!

    1. the dangerous thing is that i DO have $70 laying around… it’s called my student loan! it’s so hard not to burn through cash on clothes, haha. i’ll be honest… i’d probably buy it if i wore a small and not an XS.

      1. Soooooo…..hubby and I decided tonight that we’re going to a Halloween party on Saturday night…I’ll be going as none other than Miss Alice Cullen. (Too bad hubby’s hair isn’t long enough to be Jasper…he would’ve totally been in!) Anyway, for my outfit, I’m going to do Alice inspired since I don’t think I have a full outfit of hers from the movie really. But since my hair isn’t quite long enough to flip out for Twilight…I’m going a little more Eclipse with it. (You can see my hair on my blog if you want. It’s I went through chemo last year, so this is what’s come back so far!) I just barely ordered my Alice choker on Amazon tonight, and it’s supposed to be here Saturday! So cross your fingers for me that it comes on time!! None of the stores around here have any!
        I think you’ll be proud of what I end up throwing together for this short notice dress up! I can’t wait to send you a picture! :o)

  2. Ya know, if I hadn’t bought 4 Alice Cullen pieces already I would have been all over that, but I’ve hit my quota for the month. Need to start saving up for the move and all…unless I find those G-Star pieces, then it’s on!

    1. i’m kind of glad i didn’t buy it now… my friend catherine bought it, and apparently she has a sharper eye than i do. she noticed that there are flowers missing from the sweater in the auction. she messaged the seller, who said it came like that. we can’t decide in anthropologie sold a faulty cardigan or if it was an earlier (or later) design.

      1. Ooh. Wow. Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t decide to get it either. Then again, it’s not one of the outfits I’m looking for, but damn…it is quite a cute cardigan. That stinks that some flowers were missing.

  3. I got the cardigan over the weekend and guess what, its completely legit. It has little pearl like buttons on the sleeves and where the flowers would be missing there are absolutely no holes, the fabric is un disturbed. I will take pictures of it and put them on my LJ so you can see Viktoria. Its a very itchy cardigan though.

  4. Does anyone know where I could it or would be interested in selling it? I’ve looked everywhere but no luck!

  5. Hey! Does anyone know / would be interested in selling this cardigan in a size S or XS? I’ve looked everywhere but no luck 😦

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