How much is too much?

One of Alice’s rarest and most coveted pieces is the Anthropologie Knitted & Knotted Limehouse sweater coat she wore in Twilight. Rightfully so; the sweater is gorgeous, featuring ornate diamond stitches and leafy blooms. When it was in stores in 2008, it wasn’t cheap — it retailed for $198, but that isn’t uncommon for clothing from Anthropologie.

The problem now is that almost everyone who is looking to sell this sweater knows that it was featured in Twilight. Therefore, they want to make a profit off of it. I can’t be mad at someone who wants to make some money, but riddle me this: why are people paying $400+ for an oftentimes used sweater that only retailed for $198? I understand wanting to own something really, really badly. And if you have the money to spend and you want to do just that, go for it. But a sweater that retailed for less than $200 is under no circumstances worth $400 or $700 or $1,000 — all prices I’ve seen it go for on eBay.

It’s not just about the price. I’m saying this on principle, and here’s why:

– a lot of eBay auctions are deliberately driven up in price by friends or family members of the seller in order to sell the item for more money. This creates a cycle, because anyone looking to resell an item they bought for $500 is going to want to make as much of their money back as possible.

– many items are bought at cheap prices and resold for more in a deliberate attempt to scalp buyers. My first encounter with the Rebecca Taylor dress that Alice wore to Bella’s birthday party was this: I saw it in an eBay auction that eventually ended at about $450. When I checked the seller’s feedback out of curiosity, I saw that she’d bought the dress the week before from some unsuspecting person — for about $100. I was suddenly glad that I didn’t win.

– it negatively influences the way we view auctions for certain items. If I won a Knitted & Knotted sweater today for $198, I would probably think that was “cheap.” In reality, no, it isn’t cheap; it’s what it sold for originally. I didn’t get a “deal”; I got exactly the price I would have paid in the store. I don’t have Alice’s money, so I have to be smarter in my approach, as I’m sure most of you do, too.

Are you suddenly going frugal on us, Alice?

Okay, let’s make no mistake — if I have money, nine times out of 10 I’m probably going to blow it. “Saving” is still a pretty foreign concept for me, although I do try. All I’m saying is that we need to be smarter about this. Instead of fighting like newborn vampires over the scraps of a Limehouse sweater coat, why not organize a Facebook campaign to have it re-released? If an item is available to you locally, why not pick one up for your fellow costumers and ship it to them for a fair price, rather than putting it on eBay?

Maybe I’m being too idealistic, here. But then, I’ve always been the optimist in the family.



  1. Case in point…my NIke Fit top. The auction would have ended at under $100 had someone else not started, within minutes mind you, running up the price in $25 incriments nearing $200, which is what I ended up paying for it. Part of me wishes I didn’t, but I haven’t seen it online since. I would much rather have paid $60 for it and felt like I got a deal than the $200 and felt ripped off and disappointed. Then again, I’ve worn it a dozen times already at least.

  2. LOL yeah – i dont get the whole buying things for ALOT of money and keep them in your closet with the tags on to just look at them…. lol id be too tempted to wear it – hello their clothes! LOL

  3. Same here! I bought the blue Zara smock from ebay..i just wanted to have it and couldn’t live without it and so i paid 300$..but i’m wearing it pretty’s so difficult to get all the clothes..two words: oleada dress.. 😦

    1. tell me about the actual zara smock! i’ve always been curious, because i don’t know anyone in real life who owns it. could you send me a picture? i’m super curious to see the fit. 🙂

  4. Of course! It would totally making me happy to share it with you, i’ll take some pics tomorrow and send them to you! 🙂 (with a description of the fit and everything) ❤

    1. thank you very much! i want to put together a tutorial for that outfit, but i was hesitating because i have so little information about the smock. it’d be a huge help! ❤

  5. You took the words right out of my mouth! I totally agree with all of that. Bella clothes are pretty freakin expensive as well, but not all. Its rediculous when someone buys an AE or Hollister shirt that MAYBE retailed for $30 or so, and pays HUNDREDS on ebay. I could never do that, even if I wanted it SO bad, because I know I’d regret it soon enough. I mean, just with the tops that I’ve spent around $50 or so on I’m already asking myself “why the hell did I buy that?” 🙂

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