Anthropologie Inverness Trench

I’m a big fan of Alice’s coats, and my favourite, hands down, is her Anthropologie Inverness trench, as seen in Eclipse. I absolutely love this coat, and not just because I got it for only $50 (!) on eBay. It’s just got so many cute details, like bow detailing on the pockets, and girlish pleats and another bow at the back. Here’s Alice wearing it:

It retailed for $298, so if you can find it on eBay, you’re almost guaranteed to save money. In fact, there’s one for sale right now in a size 4! Be warned, though: this coat is more to look pretty in than for functionality. Despite being a trench, it isn’t water proof, and it’s pretty easy to crush the pleats out of place when you sit down. The sizing also tends to run large; when it was in stores, Anthropologie had a petite version of this coat to ensure it’d fit girls with smaller frames. Still, snatch it up if you can; it’s a nice little spring or fall jacket.

Here’s a tip if you’re searching for it on eBay: it can also appear under “Black Rivet trench” or “Elevenses trench.” Try it out! That’s how I got mine for such a great price. And don’t forget to check — at one point, they had the trench for less than $40.

On a Forks-related note, I’m back, and I had an amazing time with Christilynn of Inside Bella’s Closet. More details to come soon! In the meantime, I leave you with this slightly-grainy picture. 🙂 Don’t arrest me, Charlie!



  1. It’s even worth it to have a trench tailored if you find a larger size than your own. I bought a 6 for about $70 and had it majorly tailored down to a 0/2, which wasn’t cheap, but now I have a coat that fits perfectly and I still came in well below the original retail price.

  2. darn you for having that link up…looks like I may finally get my trench.
    BTW I love all your Forks pictures from Inside Bella’s Closet. I really need to get photos in all my Eclipse costumes. Everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun.

  3. Enjoyed this post! The trench retailed for $188 originally though; I got it when it 1st appeared at Anthro & it was worth it…really well made & loads of wonderful details.

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