The Alice collective

If anyone was wondering, I do have more outfits to display from Stephenie Meyer Day, but I haven’t posted them yet for one simple reason: I’m waiting for better photos! Our amazing photographer, Lauren, is still editing our official shots, and I’ve decided to wait for them because I realized that I didn’t have any quality examples of some of my pieces.

With that being said, there is something I wanted to talk about specifically: the number of amazing Alice cosplayers I met at SMD – starting with my Twi-BFF, Anna!

ImageBelieve it or not, Anna and I met for the first time when she came to pick me up at the airport in Seattle. We began talking online just after the first Twilight film, so it was amazing to finally hang out with her in person and feel that instant connection you only get with really good friends. Unfortunately, she was one of the first people to head home after all of the SMD activities were finished, and I fully admit that I cried like a baby after she left. I love my Anna!


And here’s Anna proving why having other Alice friends is awesome: you get to borrow each other’s clothes. Here she is looking fierce in my C Keer Tatting Tank and Banana Republic leather jacket.

ImageAnd she returned the favour – I got to wear one of the holy grails of Alice costuming, the Michael Kors ombre driving coat, because she was gracious enough to lend me Alice’s Volterra outfit in its entirety.

ImageApart from Anna, who may or may not be my soulmate, I met a number of wonderful Alices that I’ve either talked to online or have interacted with in some way. First up is the amazing Holly, aka Mini Alice, who came all the way from the UK for SMD!

ImageDon’t you just want to smush her cute little face? I didn’t get to see as much of her as I wanted to, but every time I did, I wanted to hug her.

ImageWe decided to start a pole dancing company together… no big deal.

ImageHolly wore the Oleada dress to prom, whereas I opted for Alice’s Kate Moss sequin strand dress – and went all out with the look with finger waves and flapper headband.

Then there was the beautiful Monica, whom I met for the first time. She was dressed as Alice a few times throughout the weekend, – and she made the wig herself!

ImageShe even won the costume contest in the “Alice’s pick” category, wearing an unspotted dress that Alice wears in Breaking Dawn Part II! Also pictured: my amazing Jasper.

ImageThe beautiful Rosalie she’s pictured with is Brianne, who is so versatile that she was dressed as Rosalie, Bella, AND Alice throughout the weekend!

ImageBrianne has a number of awesome pieces, including the Rebecca Taylor dress!



Since you already know Mini Alice and Monica, the other two lovely Alice cosplayers in the photo are Heather, who was adorable as Alice from when she met Jasper in the 1940s. Next to her is the lovely Victoria, who was a flapper-inspired Alice – and a late entry into our costume contest!

I just wanted to share these photos because all of these ladies were lovely, and meeting them was among my trip highlights.


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