Reader question: Contact lens recommendations

Morning, ladies!

A reader named Mariam send me the following question this morning:

Hey, I saw your website and your review on the orange looking contacts. I’m also looking for a golden brown Cullen contacts. Did you find a more suitable color? Let me know, thanks!

When it comes to creating a Cullen look, the devil really is in the details – and an enormous part of those details are focused on the contact lenses you choose to complete your vampire persona.

So what did I recommend?

Well, my number one option will always be the 9mmsfx lenses in “Twilight.” These lenses are pricy – starting at $150 per lens – but it’s important to note that each pair is hand painted and can last forever, if you take proper care of them. They’re also the most authentic representation of the Cullen lenses I’ve ever seen, as they’re vibrantly golden yet threaded through with darker colours to offer dimension. Check out my pair:

viktoria_alice_hs01As you can see, they photograph extraordinarily well – based on their striking detail, they almost look like they could be a natural eye colour. Although they’re definitely an investment, I would recommend these lenses for anyone who’s looking to seriously portray a vegetarian vampire in Twilight. You can also see how striking they are on Christilynn of Inside Bella’s Closet for her portrayal of Bella Cullen:

10703734_937785409571414_2337800439810607096_nFor reference, Christilynn has beautiful green eyes in real life, while mine are a dark brown. As the base of these lenses are white, they completely mask the real eye colour beneath them, which goes a long way toward creating an authentic look.

However, these lenses are obviously not for everyone. If you’re more of a casual costumer or aren’t in a position to make the investment – or just aren’t interested in purchasing them, quite frankly – there ARE other options. They won’t be as striking, but they definitely get the job done.

Check out – they have a selection of Twilight-themed lenses, including Volturi red. At 14.99 (British pounds), they are significantly cheaper – and quite honestly, they WILL get the job done, although they won’t be nearly as vibrant in photos.

Several members of the Olympic Coven use these lenses – which are, ironically, called “werewolf lenses”:

81531-colour-vision-contact-lensesIncluding our amazing Edward, who can be seen wearing them here:

EdwardThe difference is pretty clear. They aren’t as amazingly detailed as the ones that Christilynn and I wear, but they’re certainly the right colour, and they produce a very similar effect at a fraction of the cost. Or maybe it’s just that Alan is an amazing Edward, and no one quite cares about the details as long as they get to look at him. 😉

So my final recommendation? If you can, and you’re going to get maximum use out of them, go with the 9mmsfx brand of Twilight contacts. But if you’re looking for lenses that you’ll only wear a handful of times or simply can’t afford the investment, the You Know It lenses are more than adequate.


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