Media coverage: Alice Cullen does Metro UK

Hello, everyone:

Metro UK, the largest daily circulation newspaper in the UK, interviewed me about my cosplay as Alice Cullen for the Olympic Coven! The journalist, Rebecca Lewis, reached out to me a few months ago wanting to write a story about the Twilight fandom, so I had no idea this story would be focusing exclusively on me as part of a series called I’m Your Biggest Fan.

If you want to learn more about the Olympic Coven, the process of becoming Alice and the craziest thing I’ve done in my cosplay career, take a look by clicking the image below!

The headline is slightly misleading – but I think you’ll enjoy the article regardless. 😉

alice cullen 7

I’m Your Biggest Fan: ‘I live my life as Alice Cullen from Twilight’



  1. I’d agree about the title. Lol Kinda makes you sound like a loon which couldn’t be further from the truth. You always make for a lovely interview regardless. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Vee/Alice, you were brilliantly eloquent in your interview! I couldn’t agree more that you are the vampire Disney princess! 😄😍😘 You are by far my favorite cosplayer! (With the rest of the Olympic coven right behind you 😁) Thanks for being Alice for the world! 😘😘💕

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