What are the best contact lenses for Twilight cosplay?

Anyone who has read Twilight or seen the films knows that vegetarian vampires in the Twilight universe have one thing in common: their bright golden eyes. In my opinion, having those golden eyes is the most important element of any Twilight cosplay – more so than screen accurate clothing or well-coifed wigs. If you can nail the eyes, chances are your audience will recognize your cosplay as being from Twilight.

Apparently I’m not alone in this opinion, because one of the questions I receive most frequently is, “Alice, where did you get your contact lenses?”

I’ve written extensively on the topic of lenses on my blog, as well as produced a review for my YouTube channel, but I wanted to revisit this topic in 2020. Why? Because, thanks to the generosity of my corner of the Twilight fandom, I have a new pair of lenses to replace the old, fading pair I bought in 2016.

And, yes, I wore the same pair of Twilight contact lenses for four years. Please don’t be like me.

So, Alice, get to the point. What are the best pair of Twilight contact lenses?

In my opinion, the best Twilight contacts are the TWILIGHT lenses from 9mmsfx.com. I’ve been investing in them since 2013 and I’m now on my third pair. These lenses are hand painted, which means you’re getting a uniquely vibrant product every time that mimics the appearance of natural eye colors. My eyes are dark brown and you can’t see my natural color at all through the TWILIGHT lens, which can’t be said for other, mass produced lenses I’ve tried. This level of realism is key because I want people who meet me in Forks to wonder if maybe – just maybe – Stephenie’s lore could be true after all.

My first pair of 9mmsfx lenses, as seen in 2014. These didn’t have a clear edge, so you can see where the lens ends and my eye begins in this picture

Most importantly, you can completely customize the power and diameter of the lenses to your prescription if needed, which is a huge plus for those who have some form of vision impairment – like me! In fact, I see better while wearing my TWILIGHT lenses than I do without them.

…Well, what’s the catch?

You’re right: there’s a catch. Because they’re so high quality, the TWILIGHT lenses begin at $125 per lens, with the price increasing if you change the diameter or want to add a clear edge to the lens. This clear edge creates a heightened sense of “realism” because you can’t easily see where the contact ends and your eye begins.

Alice Cullen Volterra
My second pair of 9mmsfx lenses, as seen in 2019. These lenses were a little darker in color – less vibrant and more ocher.

Secondly, these contacts are created using an opaque white lens, which is how the color is able to appear so vibrant. This makes the lenses feel a little thicker than your average Halloween or cosplay lens, which can impact your peripheral vision or make your eyes feel heavy or dry. I haven’t had too much of an issue with this – likely because I’m used to wearing lenses in general – but this is a frequent complaint from members of the Olympic Coven who don’t wear lenses on a frequent basis.

So what’s the final verdict?

Am I telling you to invest in the TWILIGHT lenses? That’s up to you! Most love the way they look but can’t justify the price. Even I, who has purchased these lenses multiple times over the years and has been a longtime advocate of their quality, needed help this time due to the uncertainty around COVID-19. If you’re a casual Twilight cosplayer looking to dress as a Cullen on social media or for Halloween, I’d recommend a more cost effective option, like the Orange Werewolf lenses from Uniqso.

However, if you’re looking to invest in your Twilight cosplay and plan to wear your lenses on a semi-regular basis, whether on social media or in person, I’d absolutely recommend the TWILIGHT lenses. Every time I order a pair I get a better result than I did previously, which speaks to the expertise 9mmsfx has developed and refined over the years when painting these lenses. The colors used have become increasingly vibrant and the paint job more intricate, making me look like a very well-fed vegetarian vampire. 😉

So what do these lenses look like in 2020?

Vee Elle as Alice Cullen 2020
My third pair of 9mmsfx lenses, as seen in 2020. The color has evolved to a bright gold, which makes them pop both on camera and in person.

I couldn’t be happier with the result, or more grateful for the Twilight community that made it possible for me to replace my old pair.


This post was not sponsored in any way by 9mmsfx.com. I just really like their products!

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  1. I think it also goes without saying – please, please, please, get an appointment with an eye doctor if you do not already wear contacts so that they can fit you. Further, they can assist you in learning how to put them in! (Also if you feel like being a nomad, I recommend TTDEYE’s Twilight Vampire Red if you’re looking for a cheaper option).

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