I’m not really Alice Cullen. But I do play her in Forks, Washington.

…So I know a thing or two about her style. From ballet flats to fitted vests to designer dresses, Alice Cullen has impeccable taste, and I’m here to make it easy to recreate her look at home. You can bet on me.

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  1. Hello, i was wondering if you knew of any good place to get the outfit that Alice wore in twilight when Bella came to the Cullen’s house. I can’t seem to find anything that resembles the clothing the most. Thank you and i do have to say that you look a lot like Alice Cullen. I have my hair style like hers and i want to dress like her as well. People at my school comment about me and say often that I remind them of Alice. She’s one of my favourite characters! Once again thanks!

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