New Moon scarves

For her Volterra look, Ashley Greene described Alice’s clothing as “badass Audrey Hepburn.” One of the things that has always stopped me from attempting to put that costume together was the fact that I could never find a scarf that looked close enough to hers, which came from Banana Republic, for my liking.

However, a year ago I was lucky enough to find a lovely woman on Etsy, Isabelle Debrosse Hardesty, who makes custom, hand painted scarves. At the time, I was putting together Alice’s blue smock outfit from New Moon, and she made me a beautiful silk crinkle scarf that matched Alice’s — again, from Banana Republic — really well.

I think it’s a gorgeous replica and I’ve gotten many compliments on it, so when I finally decided to bite the bullet and put together the Volterra look, Isabelle was the first person I thought of. I showed her a few pictures of Alice’s scarf, and this is what she came up with:

Stunning, and I love the little photoshoot she set up with the glasses and the gloves! I’m SO happy with it, and I now have a one-of-a-kind silk scarf for my outfit that has the same colour scheme and similar patterning. If you ladies want Alice scarves, I HIGHLY recommend visiting her Etsy store; she does custom orders to your liking, her prices are very affordable, and her customer service is impeccable.

Yay, Isabelle! She’s a definite friend to Alice cosplayers everywhere.



      1. Thanx! I’m so getting it! Could you tell me where you got the pants, socks, hat & vest for the baseball outfit?

  1. Love it! I was able to find fabric pretty close for my birthday morning scarf and just made a scarf, but yours looks way better. And I’m so going to commission one of the Volterra scarves, too. At least I have the jacket already and I looove it. It’d just be nice to have the whole ensemble since the scarf I bought for it was way too small and now I need the correct glasses.
    Now all I need is a yellow Porsche…

  2. Hi you might be able to help me I looking for a scarf like the one you have on your page the one Alice has on when she going save Edward

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