An update from Banana Republic

An employee from Banana Republic found the blog post about Alice’s New Moon trench and had this to say:

Speaking as a BR employee who answers your emails. When Shelly said it had been removed from inventory, that meant it’s over 2 years old. We only have specific item data in our system for 2 years. Last night, we went through three years of product books (basically picture books w/ items that would be featured at BR.). In three years (that’s 12 seasons) going back to 2008, we were unable to locate this coat. Usually trench coats are featured items in our books, but we have yet to locate one that’s even similar.

Not saying absolutely that it’s not BR, but we can’t find it. Try going to and email from the media contacts and they might be able to provide more info…or at least a firm yes or no as to whether it’s BR.

The theory on Coolspotters recently has been that the trench was actually created by New Moon’s costume department. That’s beginning to sound more and more plausible, since Banana Republic can’t find the trench in their product books. E-mailing someone at may finally provide us with the firm answer we need. Is anyone planning to send an e-mail?



  1. I think this is all you………I would, but the Rebecca Taylor stuff is keeping me busy. BTW, although I feel like it’s unlikely that Banana Republic made the trench there are a couple of details that are throwing me as to whether it was built or bought. A trench that snaps together in the front is usually indicative of a “costume piece” and although it has lapels, it has no collar, which you don’t normally see on something store-bought. Certain screencaps show that there is loop just below the neckline in the back for hanging the trench on a peg-style coat hanger, which doesn’t seem necessary for a costume designer to add unless the coat had to be shown hanging on a peg. I’m stumped at this point. Maybe the movie’s costume shop made it? Maybe they purchased it from a little boutique like Teenflo like they did for the plaid blouse? Who knows at this point? I do know that I want a spring trench and I don’t want to wait any longer to find out where this one came from, so I’m making my own screen accurate replica (not a
    cheap cosplay one, but a functional coat) with every detail present, including the hanging loop and fabric-covered snaps.

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