If any of you have $800 lying around…

…Don’t spend it on this. Seriously.

Why? Because that’s just greedy, and it’s taking advantage of people. Yes, we all know how coveted the Knitted & Knotted Limehouse sweater coat is, and how rare it is to see it in certain sizes, especially in an XS.

But you know what? It’s possible to get even the rarest items at reasonable prices. I know, because I literally just bought a Knitted & Knotted — in a size XS, no less! — from a wonderful, kind woman named Debbie. And guess what? She sold it to me for $200 — otherwise known as retail price.

Shocking, I know. But not everyone is out there to price gouge you, and you will find that must-have item for less than it costs to mortgage your house if you’re patient.

Speaking of overpriced, there’s an Anthropologie Inverness trench up on eBay for the low, low — cough — price of $298. Remember when these babies were selling on overstock.com from a grand total of $40?

Yeah. Unless your last name is Cullen, Kennedy or Rockefeller, don’t buy that. We need to teach people that we aren’t okay with their price gouging. And we’re also not okay with my picture being used to promote a overpriced auction without my consent:


Very, very weird. Luckily, the seller was kind enough to take it down, but I still don’t approve of that price.

Lastly, Christilynn of my sister blog, Inside Bella’s Closet – whom I’m visiting this week! – is launching an initiative to say “thank you” for all the ways Twilight has changed our lives. Check out her blog post about it here and contribute if you’ve made friends, fallen in love, started new hobbies or just had fun because of Twilight. If the response is good enough, Christilynn will even send it to Summit Entertainment!

That’s all for now – I’d better get packing!



  1. Girl, that was my first purchase of “Alice” clothing. That gorgeous sweater coat. And my husband let me spend a ridiculous amount to win it b/c he knows how much I love Twilight and I rarely spend any money all on myself. So $800 later and I won – that was like 2 years ago. But whoever I was bidding against sure didn’t help. They wanted it as much as I did. My husband called me while I was at the emergency Vet with one of our doggies (who turned out to be ok) to let me know he’d kept watching the bogging war and I was the proud new owner. I was elated! However, that is not something that is likely to be repeated. This piece of clothing was just MY FAVORITE of Alice’s and it will always be special to me – reminding me of this little adventure we were all on for awhile and hopefully it will continue awhile longer.

    With all that said, picking up tips from a fellow Twihard such as yourself is very helpful for searching for all these different little pieces of nostalgia that we all long to have. So thanks for that Alice!

    1. See, that’s different – you were bidding, it got that high, and you were able to spent the money. I don’t begrudge anyone that. What I take offense to is the SELLER setting the price at $800, rather than letting the auction play out organically. That smacks of greed to me.

  2. hi,good to see someone really love the saga.me my self from the other side of world ofcourse wanted a piece from the movie aswell.so i kept watching on ebay…and i really lucky enough got to buy Billabong Hannah jacket aso bella worn in twilight and it’s the same copy not the re-issue.u know what i got it just $5 at one bid,no body bidded for the jacket.And i bet the seller didn’t know about Twilight at all.And she asked me to $23 for postage cost and i ok with that coz i’m in Malaysia.

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