Baby’s first spot: Cordial Embrace dress by Sparrow

Hi, ladies:

Just this morning, Anna and I were lamenting that we’ve never spotted anything. We’ve bought a great deal of screen accurate items, of course, and engaged in many eBay battles, but neither of us had ever actually come across our own, previously undiscovered Alice piece.

Until today.

Anna sent me this photo, which she’d recently come across in high resolution:ImageMy immediate thought was, “well, that certainly looks like an Anthropologie dress” – not that that’s an original thought when it comes to Alice, mind you. But I went with my instinct and googled “Anthropologie purple dress” on eBay.

And, lo and behold, we had a winner: I came across the Cordial Embrace dress by Sparrow, which retailed at Athropologie for $98 in 2010. Here are the details and accompanying product link on Anthropologie:

Supple merino wool hugs your curves with shirred elegance, wrapping its warmth around your waist. By Sparrow.

  • Pullover styling
  • Wool
  • Dry clean
  • 37″L
  • Imported
  • Style #: 18768861

Alice wears a wine-coloured version of the dress, but as is the case with her Anthropologie Deletta Structure & Sway top, it also came in gray – which is what you’re likely to find on eBay these days.




Happy hunting, everyone! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail – I managed to get an XS in the screen accurate colour!



  1. So happy you spotted it a friend texted me the new spot when I got out of work. She helps me with Alice items I help her with Elena items 🙂

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