Alice’s blue Leifsdottir cocktail dress: Did you know?

Everyone knows – and loves – the beautiful cocktail dress by Leifsdottir that Alice wears in Breaking Dawn: Part II. From the amazing blue colour to the shortened sleeves, this is an eye-catching, flirtatious dress.

Image…But did you know that this dress also comes in taupe?


This isn’t my photo – a friend stumbled across it on eBay, and the auction is still in play for two more days – but it clearly illustrates that this dress came in colours other than blue. I’d dare say that this colour is even rarer; I’ve seen four auctions for the blue dress in the past, and even one on eBay right now, but this is the first time I’ve seen the taupe.

So what do you think? Do you still love the blue, or will you be on the hunt for its even rarer variation?



6 thoughts on “Alice’s blue Leifsdottir cocktail dress: Did you know?

  1. I will always absolute love the blue version, it´s beautiful- so sad I didn´t own this dress ;__;

  2. *sigh* Of course they don’t ship to Canada. Guess I’ll still have to make my own. >_>

    1. I live in Canada as well – do you have any friends in the US whose addresses you could use? 🙂

      1. Unfortunately not. To the sewing machine I go! 😉

  3. Are you going to be on the search for this color now? 🙂

    1. Nope, I’m happy with the blue! 🙂

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