Was the taupe Leifsdottir dress used in Breaking Dawn Part II after all?

We were introduced to the mysterious taupe Leifsdottir dress in my last post – the twin of the blue cocktail dress worn by Alice in Breaking Dawn Part II. But was the taupe version of the dress worn in the film after all?

In one scene, Alice appears to be wearing what looks like the Leifsdottir dress backward – you can tell by the collar and sleeves:


My friend Stacy is the one who actually pointed this out, and we both assumed that they put her in the same blue Leifsdottir dress, just backward, in an effort to create a costume that looked new out of one that already existed. But now I’m thinking: based on the colour in the cap, maybe the dress we’re seeing above is actually the taupe version and not the blue.

What does everyone think? Was the taupe dress used in the movie? Either way – it’s an adorable dress in either colour.


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