An outfit a day: Bella’s Birthday

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the outfit that Alice wears to school on the morning of Bella’s birthday. The Zara blue coat looks like an art student’s attempt at making their smock fashionable, and paired with the colourful scarf and arm warmers, I find the whole look to be a little overwhelming.

But you know what? It’s recognizable, which makes it a damn good costume. It’s also pretty warm, given all the layers, making it perfect for those cool, cloudy days in Forks.

I found the Zara smock on eBay UK for less than $12 USD after shipping, which is insane. The long sleeved shirt is Body Fit from the Gap, and the jeans are jeggings from American Eagle. Alice’s Portolano fingerless gloves can be found relatively cheaply on eBay. And, like the one that goes with the Michael Kors driving coat, the scarf was custom made by Ferry Creek Vintage. Although it has never been spotted, we know that the real scarf worn in the scene is a crinkle scarf by Banana Republic. However, the alt is amazing, and I’m always happy to support an independent artist.

ImageI’m not above taking selfies with Emmett.



Don’t tell Rosalie, but I’m totally Edward’s favourite sister


Also, one thing everyone needs to know about this coat is that it. Is. Huge. I know that that’s the style, but I do like my clothing to be a little bit more streamlined because I’m really slight of frame. Even with the alterations I had done to it, it still looks like it’s going to swallow me into some cloth-filled abyss.

Don’t tell it take me!



    1. I would suggest looking on eBay UK or Germany! I’ve found two Zara coats – one for myself and one for a friend – incredibly cheaply on eBay UK. 🙂

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