An outfit a day: The Rebecca Taylor dress

When the Olympic Coven got word that Stephenie Meyer was in town – and wanted to meet us, no less, according to the Forks Visitor Center – we were in the middle of an event. To be more specific, one minute we were celebrating Bella’s birthday with a special breakfast at JT’s Sweet Stuffs, and the next, we were cramming as many bodies we could into the few cars we had. Initially, we didn’t know where we were going or why; we thought we were in trouble, for some reason. But let’s be honest – news of Stephenie Meyer coming to town travels quickly, and it didn’t take long for us to figure out where we were going and why.

Commence fangirl freaking out and nearly crying.

Given that it was Bella’s birthday, I was wearing the Rebecca Taylor dress when I met Stephenie for the first time. We were ushered into the Visitor Center and arranged ourselves behind her while she was signing for other fans. When she turned around and saw us, the look on her face was priceless. She spent the next half hour asking us questions, providing her own answers to our questions, signing autographs, and taking photos.

I don’t get starstruck, given that I worked in film publicity for four years, but that was as close as I’ve ever come.

ImageJasper may not be smiling, but trust me – he was excited.

We took a photo with Stephenie’s lovely friend outside the Forks Visitor Center – her friends were amazing and so friendly

A photo of us outside the Visitor Center even made it into the Forks Forum!

I’ve loved the Rebecca Taylor dress since the moment I saw it, and I was lucky enough to find it on eBay in a size 4 for $120. Later, I traded for a smaller size with a generous friend. In these photos, you get a much better sense of the actual colour of the dress. It isn’t purple, like the filters in New Moon make it look, but rather a beautiful jewel tone that Rebecca Taylor calls “moon river.”

The wig I’m wearing is a human hair wig that I found on eBay and had cut by a professional stylist. Because it’s human hair, I’m able to style it myself with a regular flat iron. The layers that the stylist gave it means that, realistically, I could use it for Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse Alice, depending on how it’s styled. As you can see, I chose a black wig because Alice’s hair is black in the books, but it comes in a variety of colours.

That’s all for now – with still a ton of outfits to go! What can I say? I’m a total prima donna.



  1. You guys look amazing!!! You look more like the Alice Cullen that I had imagined while reading the Twilight books. I’m blown away!!!

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