“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

I love shoes.

Boots, sky-high heels, demure kitten heels, dainty ballet flats, practical trainers – I love them all. After years of buying cheap shoes, I’ve committed myself to investing in higher quality. They last longer, for one. And they look better, for another.

I haven’t worked my way up to Louboutins or Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks – I’m hoping that will come later in my career, when I’m a high-powered executive. But I can, and do, dream: About walk-in closets with gorgeous displays spanning the length of the walls. Shoes colour coded by shade, creating a rainbow for any and all occasions. Shoes for every occasion, big or small – so many I could wear a pair once and not see them again for years based on the breadth of my selection.

Oh. My. God.

So, with shoes on the brain, I decided to take a look at Alice’s collection and compile everything we know (or have recently discovered) in one place. This was also inspired by the Twilight Saga Prop Auction, which also provided high-resolution photos of Alice’s shoes that we’d never seen before.

Here’s the first order of business before we get started: Alice wears a lot of nondescript black flats. I haven’t included these because the same effect could be accomplished with any black flats you want. If Alice wears black flats with a particular outfit, purchase the ones you like best – or dig your own pair out of your closet. Screen accuracy won’t be impacted.

I wasn’t kidding: Boring. Black. Flats.

But those flats aren’t important – here’s what is.


The first shoes we really see Alice in are these cute pewter flats by Sam Edelman. She wears them with at least two outfits in Twilight, including her Knitted and Knotted Limehouse Sweater Coat in the cafeteria scene, and again with the Diane von Furstenberg Oleada dress in the “meet the Cullens” scene.


These flats are adorable; I have a pair myself, and I receive compliments whenever I wear them. It’s worth noting that they’re also available in copper, if you’d like to put your own spin on Alice’s look for every day life.

It’s also worth mentioning that both versions of these shoes are incredibly difficult to find. If you see a pair on eBay in your size, snatch them up!


Next up: Alice’s Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star metallic lo-tops. These are the shoes she wears to play baseball in, and later again when the Cullen family is attempting to stage a diversion for James.


These shoes are a staple in the All-Star lineup and are incredibly easy to find on Amazon, eBay or other re-selling sites. If you’re buying them new, you can expect to pay up to $90 for them – but they’re easy to find for much less if you’re willing to get a pre-owned pair.


It should be noted that these are available in a variety of metallic shades. Keep an eye out for the ones that are light silver – that’s the screen accurate colour. Also note that the shoes she wears with her diversion costume are slightly different, featuring red and blue lines instead of black.


Next up: Alice’s purple and brown velvet vintage Nike high-tops, which she wears during the final confrontation with James in Twilight. These ones are new to me – I’d never been able to get a good look at them before the Twilight Saga Prop Auction.


These shoes are difficult to find, given their status as “vintage.” In fact, I’ve only seen one pair for sale on a re-selling site since I figured out the brand – which wasn’t all that difficult to do, given the visibility of Nike’s signature “swoosh.”

I hated these shoes when I first saw them, but admittedly, they’ve grown on me. They bring a feminine element to the high-top style, and let’s be real: Only Alice would wear velvet shoes with a Victorian pattern while ripping someone’s head off.


For anyone who argues that Alice is not a practical woman when it comes to fashion, I’d like to take this opportunity to point out how many pairs of sneakers have been included in this post so far.

Alice wears these black Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 trainers several times throughout Eclipse – particularly in scenes where the Cullens are training to take on the approaching newborn army.


Most famously, Alice wears them with her ruffled teal hoodie from H&M, paired with a graphic T-shirt by SONG featuring a dog wearing a bowler hat.

These shoes are relatively easy to find on eBay, Amazon, or through the brand directly.


And then we get to these: The shoes so nice, Alice wore them twice.

These adorable kitten heels are crossed-strapped pumps by Marc Jacobs. Alice first wears them paired with her Floreat Blushing Avian blouse when she’s teaching Bella how to walk in her wedding shoes. They were part of the Marc Jacobs 2010 Fall collection, and the brand colour for these pumps is called mud.


Alice wears these shoes again later in dark green when she’s lounging on the couch with Jasper.


black still.jpg

I love these shoes. I have a pair in mud, and I’m still searching for them in black. They give me a bit of a height boost without making me feel like I’m teetering on high heels, which is always appreciated.

Like the pewter flats by Sam Edelman, these shoes are difficult to find in either colour. They also run about half a size small. Try searching for them on eBay with terms like “Marc Jacobs heels” or “Marc Jacobs kitten heels.”


Next we have Alice’s Capezio heels, which she wore paired with her bridesmaid dress at Edward and Bella’s wedding. The Twilight Saga Prop Auction was the first time I’d been able to take a good look at these shoes.


According to the lot listing, these T-strap, open-toe heels are made of leather and are painted purple with butterfly pendants stitched on top. Basically: They’re almost custom. You may be able to find the base shoes at Capezio – based on minor paint chipping, they look like they might have been beige – but you won’t find them in this colour. The butterfly pendant stitched on top was likely an addition by the costuming team as well.

Please note, though, that the Capezio shoes were likely worn during Alice and Jasper’s dance sequence at the wedding and are not the shoes we see in promotional stills for the wedding. My costume tag for the outfit says that Alice actually wore a pair of Manolo Blahnik kitten heels when she wasn’t dancing – and oh, I would have LOVED to get my hands on those!


Lastly, we have Alice’s battle boots from Breaking Dawn Part 2 – the subject of a previous post on Go Ask Alice Cullen. Previously thought to be either LD Tuttle “The Weave” boots, Ally booties by Anthropologie, or Grafton boots by H by Hudson, these gems are actually Philadelphia boots by Schuler and Sons.

At one time, these boots could be purchased at Anthropologie. Like most Alice items, your best bet to find them now is eBay – and they, like everything else, are rare.

And for those who were wondering: After years of speculation, it was actually the lot listing for the costume on the Twilight Saga Prop Auction that confirmed this find.


Sometimes, no matter how hard you sleuth, you just can’t beat the official source.

That’s it from me! I hope those of you who are hunting for Alice pieces find this a useful resource.

And remember…

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly.” – Coco Chanel


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