Alice Cullen on Growing with Twilight

Between my social channels, my blog and my e-mail, I receive dozens of private messages from Twilight fans every day. Most of them are short and sweet: A kind fan wanting to share a compliment or wish me well. Some of them are more complex: Questions about how to dress like Alice or how much the average person should budget to attend Forever Twilight in Forks. Some are very personal: A glimpse into someone’s hardships with requests for thoughts and prayers.

But increasingly, these messages are becoming very philosophical, and they go something like this:

Alice, Twilight was my life when I was younger. I would love to go to Forks some day. But I’m afraid that if I go now, it won’t be the same – like maybe I’m too old for Twilight now.

They aren’t all phrased that way, of course, but this the common sentiment: Am I too old to like Twilight? Am I too old to want to visit Forks and indulge in a little fantasy?

First of all: It’s perfectly natural to outgrow things. Not everything in your life is going to be permanent. Your personal taste – your style, the music you love, what you’re looking for in a friend or a relationship, even the food you like – changes as you get older. There’s nothing wrong with waking up one morning and deciding that, after a series of experiences that shaped you into the person you are now, you no longer like something.

But should you discard something you love – and I mean really, really love – because you feel you’re too old for it?

The answer is an emphatic no. You’re never too old to do what you love.

I’ve been a Twilight fan for 10 years. Unquestionably, I was a different person when I first delved into the fandom. I was a university student, newly single after ending a long-term relationship, and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was sheltered and a little scared about the prospect of growing up.

Baby Alice in 2009

When I became a Twilight fan, I found a true sense of community. I bonded with people from all over the world who were incredibly different from me. And yet, we all shared one thing: The need to let go of the real world for a little while. The need to believe in true love and fantasy and romance – and the belief that it, too, could be real.

And that’s still true today.

I’m not that person from 10 years ago. I’m smarter, more confident, and a whole lot wiser. I graduated from university – and then college! – and launched a kick-ass career I love. I’m getting married next year. In less than a week, I get the keys to my first home. My circumstances are completely different – and yet, somehow, I still feel that connection toward Twilight. That hasn’t changed, even though I have.

My Alice Cullen glow-up

For me, the one constant in the Twilight fandom is the sense of community. My circumstances have changed, but I still have those friends from all over the world who are incredibly different from me. At my core, I still believe in true love and fantasy and romance – and that those things are as real in this world as they are between the pages of a book. And I can continue to believe those things – can continue to believe in Twilight – because I’m surrounded by the most amazing people who feel the same way.

People who still get a thrill when they see a Twilight marathon on TV.

People who are happy to debate characters and their motivations again and again and again.

People who still tear up when they hear A Thousand Years on the radio.

And you know what? By and large, I found those people – that amazing sense of community that drives my Twilight fandom to this day – by going to Forks.

So if you’re on the fence about taking the trip and want my advice, I say go for it. And once you’re there – among Twilight fans of all ages and shapes and backgrounds – you might realize that once was enough. But still, you’ll be glad you did it.

Or, like me – maybe you’ll find that Forks is your home away from home. Maybe you’ll find exactly what you were looking for.

And I hope you do.

Alice Cullen


  1. When I brought my niece who is in her 30s she thought there would be a bunch of teenagers there at the festival. She was surprised by the diversity of age of the people who attended especially the older generation like me. Just because we age does not mean we automatically cannot like things. I love the Twilight Saga and really enjoyed being with people that love it also. Your age is only part of who you are. Thanks for being Alice..

  2. You said it so beautifully! I still have my twi shelf and it grows and grows with little gifts from the family I have made from twilight. I went to Forks because of twilight and I return because of the amazing feeling of family and being in a second home. You are amazing and kind and I always look forward to your blog posts.

  3. Amazing, Alice! Age never matters, and that’s not all I get from this. When I read this, I also more and more realize how much more Twilight is than just the book and film series (which really not is anything to complain about!); it’s love, it’s friendship, it’s bonds between people all over the world, it’s just simply perfect! And in Twilight style; it’s forever. I will always love Twilight, in my heart. Maybe, I will not have my walls plastered with posters of the Twilight characters in ten years, but not many things have made such an impact on my life as Twilight and those things are hardly changed. I love what you and the rest of The Olympic Coven do, it’s amazing to almost every day get a look at the life in Forks. Promise to keep doing what you do, it’s wonderful. Once a Twihard, always a Twihard.

  4. a thousand years is my ringtone on my phone to let me know my granddaughter is calling and I’m All Yours is my regular ringtone. I just want to say that I love all your posts. Ive been to Forks one time and I would love to live there. It is absolutely beautiful.

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