Round Two: The Twilight Saga Prop Auction

It’s here! The second iteration of The Twilight Saga Prop Auction, brought to Twilight fans everywhere by the Prop Store, is now live!

Hosted online over the course of 11 days, The Twilight Saga Prop Auction gives fans around the world the chance to own a piece of Twilight history. This time, 637 lots have been made available, with everything from costumes to jewelry to set pieces on tap.

I’m in the process of planning my wedding and closing on my first home, so I won’t be bidding in this auction; financially, it would be a little irresponsible of me, which is something I’ve long preached against when it comes to acquiring Twilight pieces. However, for those who are in a financial position to do so, I say: bid away! We don’t get opportunities like this very often!

Many of the items for sale are duplicates of lots that were available in the first auctionbut there are definitely some gems that weren’t an option the first time around. In fact, much of this auction focuses on unique props and set decor, rather than costume pieces.

But if you’re looking to add to your costume collection, these are my my top five costume pieces in The Twilight Saga Auction – and I’d love to hear yours!

Alice’s Top 5: The Twilight Saga Auction

#1: Alice Cullen’s Wedding Ring


Alice wore her wedding band – which was originally sold at high-end retailers like Nordstrom – throughout the series. In fact, apart from her choker, it’s probably her most consistently-worn accessory. Made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia, this dainty little ring is reflective of Alice and Jasper’s relationship: built to last without being flashy.

There are two of these rings available in the auction, and they’re perfect for anyone who loves small, delicate pieces of jewelry – or Alice and Jasper’s relationship!

But it makes you wonder – did no one in Forks notice that a supposed teenager was wearing a ring on her ring finger? Perhaps Alice and Jasper told the masses it was a promise ring.

Auction link: Alice Cullen’s Wedding Ring

#2: Victoria Sutherland’s Driving Costume


What – you didn’t think this would be all Alice, did you?

I love this costume for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s perfectly Victoria, even though it was only featured in a deleted scene. As a character, Victoria takes clothing items from the humans she hunts, and this jacket fits perfectly into her patchwork method of wardrobe assembly.

Secondly, I like the addition of leather to Victoria’s wardrobe. You can’t help but imagine the type of person she must have killed to acquire this jacket.

And lastly – I think our Olympic Coven Victoria would look amazing in this outfit. So maybe I’m a little biased toward it.

If you’re a Victoria fan, this is a must-have.

Auction link: Victoria Sutherland’s Driving Costume

#3: Alice Cullen’s Volturi Costume


I need to preface this inclusion by saying: I think this costume is hideous.

But it’s also interesting. We all know that Aro views Alice as a prize to be won – the ultimate Volturi acquisition. Judging by this costume, which was apparently featured in an unreleased deleted scene from Eclipse, someone conceptualized what that might have looked like. And apparently, it looks like Alice lost all of her fashion sense.

Whoops – sorry. Did I type that? I meant to just think it.

Regardless of my personal feelings, this is an interesting addition to the auction because it’s unlike anything we’ve seen Alice wear before. Want to bring some “Alice joins the Volturi” fan fiction to life? Then this one is for you.

It’s just not for me.

Auction Link: Alice Cullen’s Volturi Costume

#4: Bella Swan’s Alternate Engagement Ring

bella ring

Now this is interesting. The Prop Store has included three alternate selections to Bella’s engagement ring – and this is my favourite one.

I’ll admit it: I hate Bella’s engagement ring. It isn’t at all what I pictured when I read Eclipse, and it isn’t my style of jewelry. But this ring? As a self-confessed magpie, I can get behind it

Bella’s items tend to be exorbitantly expensive in these auctions, so to whomever wins this ring, I say: God speed.

Auction link: Bella Swan’s Alternate Engagement Ring

#5: Alice Cullen’s Floral Dress and Jewelry


In Twilight, Edward says to Bella that “if I could dream at all, it would be about you.” That’s how I feel about this dress, a Betsey Johnson design that was altered for the production of Breaking Dawn.

It’s funny; this isn’t the type of lot I would normally go for. After all, I have the original iteration of this Betsey Johnson Dress, which features a drawstring tie under the bust and a repeating floral pattern all over the dress.

But here’s what makes it unique.

In the screen-worn version, they’ve replaced the front of the dress with a black panel, eliminating much of the floral pattern and the original drawstring tie. They’ve replaced it, instead, with the sash from Alice’s Blushing Avian Blouse by Floreat.

I suspect they did this for two reasons: in the original dress, the neckline is quite low and has the potential to expose a lot of cleavage. By re-creating the neckline, they fixed that problem – but also got rid of the drawstring, which is what cinched an other otherwise flowing dress to create more of a fitted shape. Thus, they added a sash from another one of Alice’s existing costumes to add shape and the illusion of a more defined waist to Ashley Greene’s athletic frame.

blushing avian
Look familiar?

It’s these items – the ones that have been altered in some fashion so they’re no longer identical to what you could find in the store or on eBay – that intrigue me the most. This dress wasn’t custom made for the production, but by virtue of being altered, it’s now a custom piece. You’ll never see anything exactly like it outside of this auction, which is what makes it so intriguing.

So, out of all 637 auction items, Alice Cullen’s Floral Dress and Jewelry would be my “must-have” for its unique alterations – but since it’s not in the cards for me this time, I’ll cross my fingers for one of you to get it instead!

Auction link: Alice Cullen’s Floral Dress and Jewelry

The Twilight Saga Prop Auction runs from November 6 – 17. Stay up-to-date on auction information and deadlines by joining the Twilight Saga Auction group on Facebook.

Good luck, everyone!

Alice Cullen

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  1. Wonderful! Do you know if there are going to be any more parts of the auction?
    You have to help me, Alice. I have, on a bidding site, found a listing that is named “Tons of Twilight stuff” And that’s a pretty good description, I have to say. My problem is, I’v just bought lots of amazing twilight merch, and I have no money left (I’m a teenager, I get money from my parents), but I really, really, REALLY want that maerchandise. I’m thinking of using christmas money, but how am I going to convince my parents to let me buy this?
    Love your blog

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