Supporting Go Ask Alice Cullen

Have you ever thought about the things you can do in the world in three dollar increments?

I didn’t. And now I do.

I’ve learned that three dollars is the base daily cost of a Facebook ad to promote and grow your business page. It’s the small amount Wikipedia asks for every year from its users to keep its business going. It’s the cost of the average cup of coffee.

By itself, three dollars isn’t a significant amount. But it’s an amount that represents the possibility of a whole lot more.

In thinking of small ways to try to grow my page and offer great content, I came across, a crowdfunding platform that allows people to make small, one-time financial donations to content creators they love. In fact, “ko-fi” is a play on “coffee,” because the recommended donation is $3: the average cost of that cup of coffee I mentioned earlier.

Bringing great content to people and keeping my website online means finding new ways to grow. In that spirit, I’ve registered at so that supporters of can – if they choose to – support my work. In fact, I’ve added a direct link to my account in my header under “support me.”

So if you ever feel like “buying Alice a coffee,” please know that every donation, no matter how big or small, is valuable and appreciated – and it all goes toward helping me bring Alice to life for Twilight fans. ❤

If you’re so inclined, please click the link under the image below to learn more. I appreciate your continued support, feedback and love. ❤

Buy Alice Cullen a Coffee at

Alice Cullen

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