Twilight contact lens review and recommendation

Remember that New Year’s Resolution to create more Alice Cullen content?

There’s a second part to that: create more content that directly helps or provides insight to other people in the Twilight fandom.

With that in mind, I’ve created a YouTube video that addresses my most commonly asked question: “where did you get your contacts?”

If this is something you’ve always wanted to know, check out my review of my favorite TWILIGHT contact lenses from, a shop that specializes in hand painted, theatrical contact lenses. Priced at $125 per lens, these are a specialty item designed to make those golden vampire eyes look as realistic as possible.

While there are affordable alternatives out there on shops like or Optyk Rozmus, the TWILIGHT lenses from are by far the nicest I’ve seen – and worn.

Take a look at the video – and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Alice Cullen

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