Media coverage: Another Bite of Twilight Podcast

During Forever Twilight in Forks, I had the pleasure of meeting the minds behind Another Bite of Twilight, a new Twilight podcast that looks back on the phenomenon 10 years later. I’d followed the podcast and its creators, Kelly and Melissa, on Instagram for a few months, so I was excited to meet them in person and talk all things Twilight. After all, that’s what our annual event in Forks is all about: connecting with other Twilight fans and crafting a safe space where we can all feel secure in our fandom.

Throughout the interview we discussed Alice’s ever-changing wardrobe, great memories from past festivals, and meeting Stephenie Meyer. And, of course, I dove into why I love Twilight, what connects me to Alice, and how I first got into the saga. Later in the episode, they spoke to Shandra, aka ShAro, about her experience playing Aro, the “bad guy” – or is he?

Click the image below to be directed to the Another Bite of Twilight Podbean page, which should let you listen directly on your browser. You can also follow them on Instagram or donate to their Ko-Fi page if you’d like to support independent creators of new Twilight content.

Another Bite of Twilight
I’d love to hear any thoughts you have stemming from the interview, so as always, I welcome your feedback! Thanks for listening!


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