Media coverage: Alice Cullen on Twilight’s TikTok Popularity

It’s been a challenging year for just about everyone, but one of the things that has gotten me through quarantine and continued social distancing is TikTok, a content creation app with a large Gen Z audience. While you can find a video on just about every subject or cultural niche in the world on TikTok, it goes without saying that I live primarily on the Twilight side of the app, where creators come together to celebrate – and find humor in – the saga.

I think TikTok is a big part of the Twilight renaissance and why Twilight continues to connect with younger and younger audiences. In fact, younger fans who are just finding Twilight now or who watched it as kids are looking to make their own connections with the series, and TikTok is a great way to find people who share their values or sense of humor.

As you can see, I’ve been vocal about my feelings on TikTok’s place in the Twilight renaissance, so I was recently interviewed by i-D on the subject. Click the link below to learn more, and follow me on TikTok at @maryalicebrandon if you’re so inclined!

Vee as Alice Cullen New Moon Rebecca Taylor Dress

How TikTok has ushered in a Twilight renaissance



  1. Love the article and yes I agree! TikTok has been instrumental in the Twilight Renaissance, especially with this new generation. However it should be known that we more “seasoned” fans have been here all along. Don’t call it a come back….we never left! LOL!

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