New Moon: Alice Cullen’s 5 most iconic outfits

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post titled Twilight: Alice Cullen’s 5 most iconic outfits. Alice’s fashion in the first film remains my favorite, and in honor of Midnight Sun finally being released, I wanted to compile all of the outfit information we had on some of her most memorable looks all in one place.

But as the months rolled on, I thought: Why stop there? Why not do the same for all of Alice’s best looks throughout each film? So here I am, ready to catalogue Alice’s five most iconic outfits in New Moon.

Which is, well, kind of funny. Not because her clothing isn’t great or memorable in New Moon, but because Alice is in so little of the film, she only has five outfits, period!

Luckily, they’re all iconic, so let’s get started.

“Happy birthday, Bella!”

Coat: The first time we see Alice in New Moon, it’s the morning of Bella’s 18th birthday and she’s dressed in quirky, artistic fashion, wearing a blue smock coat from Trafaluc, a brand sold at Zara. It’s a loose, flowing style and has a gorgeous floral lining.

This coat is rare, but it does crop up on eBay occasionally – often at very high prices. Your best bet? Check out UK eBay. Zara is a very popular European brand, so you’re more likely to find secondhand Zara clothing on European versions of eBay. Even with shipping costs and currency conversion factored in, you’ll only pay a fraction of the cost you’d pay on American or Canadian versions of eBay.

Shirt: Alice wears a light grey cotton turtle neck from H&M beneath the coat, which has never been identified. Personally, I wear a long sleeved, scoop neck shirt from The Gap with my costume, as what we can see of the sleeves appear white anyway, and the neck of the shirt is covered by Alice’s scarf. As I’ve always said, there are plenty of opportunities with Alice’s wardrobe to incorporate non-screen accurate pieces rather than killing yourself trying to hunt down basics, when they neither add nor detract from the quality of the costume.

Scarf: Alice’s scarf, which she uses to ensure most of her skin is covered from the prying eyes of Forks High School students, is a blue, cream and mauve crinkle scarf and may be from Banana Republic. In all my years of collecting, I’ve never seen the screen accurate scarf either in person or for sale online, so the brand is pure speculation based on other brands Alice commonly wore. My version of the scarf was made by the Debrosse Hardesty store on Etsy, which was offering custom, hand painted Alice scarves as part of their inventory at one time. If you send them a message on Etsy, they may agree to make you one as well!

Gloves: One of the most recognizable elements of this very eclectic outfit is Alice’s blue and green fingerless gloves by Portolano. I’ve never seen the screen accurate version of these gloves for sale, but you may be able to commission a pair from a seller on Etsy or purchase a replica on eBay, as I did.

Pants: Alice wears a pair of dark blue skinny jeans by J Brand with this outfit. As always, my pants are rarely screen accurate for Alice unless they’re very distinct. I wear a pair of dark blue skinny jeans from The Gap.

Shoes: You can’t see them in the above photo, but Alice wears a pair of plain black flats from La Coste with this outfit, as well as black socks with a light floral outline. I’m not big on wearing visible socks with flats, but you do you, Alice. Fun fact: Ashley Greene’s shoe size is 8.5.

“It’s time, it’s time, it’s time!”

Dress: The next time we see Alice it’s at Bella’s ill-fated birthday party wearing a striking jewel-tone silk dress by Rebecca Taylor, which features a bejeweled medallion on the bust. Depending on the lighting, this dress can appear either a deep blue, as is does in many of my photos in Forks, or purple, as it does in the films. Rebecca Taylor calls the color “moon river.” You can often find this dress for sale on reselling sites like Poshmark, Depop or eBay for fairly reasonable prices.

Jewelry: Alice wears her wedding band, which features a diamond chip set in a small black heart, with this outfit. The ring is .925 Sterling silver and was originally sold at Nordstrom. I found mine for $9 – yes, you read that correctly – after searching through thousands of listings on Poshmark with the search term “black silver heart ring.” Her earrings have never been identified, but I found a great alternative pair by searching “silver filigree heart earrings” on Etsy.

Shoes: Alice wears a pair of plain black flats with this outfit, as she often does – possibly the same La Coste flats she wore to school.

“…As soon as you put the dog out.”

Trench coat: After what feels like a century of Bella and Jacob interactions no one asked for, Alice makes her grand return in New Moon wearing a cream silk trench coat by Shipley & Halmos. This coat plagued Alice collectors for years; first we thought it was by Banana Republic, and then thought it might have been hand created by the wardrobe department. Our search finally ended in 2014 – five years after the release of New Moon – when some intrepid Alice fans finally spotted the coat. It features an attached capelet, belts at the waist, and includes gold buckles at the wrists.

Dress: There’s so much we got wrong about this outfit before we got it right. Initially, Alice collectors thought she was wearing the Drawing Parallels striped blouse by Anthropologie, which featured a ruffled collar and grey and red pinstripes. Eventually, we learned that Alice is actually wearing a beige and grey pinstriped tunic dress by Joie, which also features a ruffled collar. This tunic is long and extremely sheer, making it a necessity to wear something underneath it. You can typically find this tunic on Poshmark by searching “ruffle Joie blouse,” and it may appear solidly grey (and very sheer) in listings.

This is NOT the blouse Alice wears beneath the Shipley & Halmos trench coat, but it does make a good alternative if you can’t find the screen accurate Joie tunic.

Tank top: With that in mind, Alice wears a light grey heather, ribbed tank top by Vince beneath the tunic. This scoop necked tank is called the “favorite” tank by Vince because of how soft and versatile it is.

Vest: Alice loved to layer her outfits in New Moon in ways we haven’t seen from her in other films. Do you think it’s because filming conditions were so cold? Either way, Alice wears a seven-button black vest by H&M over her Joie tunic and Vince tank, adding a little bit of cinching structure to the outfit. This is the same vest she wears in Twilight in an alternate color.

Scarf: Alice loves her scarves in New Moon. She pairs this outfit with a beige cotton linen scarf, featuring a cheese cloth-like texture and a fringe at the edges. This scarf has never been identified but some believe it’s by Banana Republic, like Alice’s other scarves in this film.

Jewelry: Once again, Alice wears her wedding band and silver heart earrings – clear staples in her wardrobe.

Shoes: Speaking of staples, the La Coste black flats make their return here! Thank you, Alice, for making life easier for us costumers and not making us buy multiple pairs of shoes.

“I figured you wouldn’t be opposed to grand theft auto.”

Coat: Ashley Greene describes this outfit as being “badass Audrey Hepburn” in style. I disagree, because I actually really, really dislike the design elements here. Despite that, I actually weirdly love wearing this outfit because it’s so recognizable. Its most unique piece is the Michael Kors Grey Ombré Cocoon Driving Coat, which features deep pockets and silver hardware. I’ve worn this coat to elegant events before and love it on its own, but dislike it paired with the contrasting pattern on next element: Alice’s head scarf.

Scarf: Designed to shield her from the sun during travel, Alice wears a floral print head scarf by Banana Republic with this outfit. I’ve only seen a screen accurate listing for this scarf on one occasion. Similar to the scarf worn with Alice’s zara smock, my version of this scarf was made by the Debrosse Hardesty store on Etsy.

Tunic: Alice wears a white, ruffled, sleeveless dress with a drop waist by 3.1 Phillip Lim beneath her driving coat, which was spotted originally by my friend Kristin of @miaamecosplays. However, as you never see this dress on screen, I consider this piece “optional” and don’t own it myself. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, but it’s probably best to stick with something sleeveless or short-sleeved given how high (and tight) her gloves are.

Gloves: Speaking of which, Alice wears a pair of deep red leather gloves by an Italian brand called Gala, which go all the way up to her elbows. So long as they’re the right (or a similar) shade of red, the brand doesn’t matter. You can snag a pair on eBay.

Sunglasses: Looking for a new pair of sunglasses? Alice collectors might want to consider the Jackie Ohh II design in black by Ray Bans, which is what Alice paired with this outfit. Fun fact: These were Ashley Greene’s personal sunglasses, which made their way into the film.

Leggings: Alice wears a pair of thick black leggings from Theory with this outfit. Any brand will do, but mine are from Garage Clothing.

Shoes: The La Coste black flats have officially gone international with a trip to Volterra.

“I already consider you my sister.”

Blouse: For our final outfit in New Moon, Alice wears a grey plaid bow blouse by a Canadian brand formerly called Teenflo, now known as Judith and Charles. The wardrobe designer picked this blouse up at a little boutique in Vancouver, and I have yet to see a screen accurate version of it anywhere. I managed to find a good alternative by searching “grey plaid blouse” on eBay, which my friend customized to add the bow and ruffles at the shoulders.

I think we did a pretty good job customizing this blouse, although I’d love to own the screen accurate version some day!

Vest: Alice wears a grey tweed vest from Zara over her Teenflo blouse, which notably featured star-shaped buttons. This vest is rare, but most commonly found on UK eBay, like other Zara items. Try searching for “tweed Zara waistcoat” if you’re in need of this piece!

Jeans: Alice wears black J Brand jeans with this outfit, which have never been formally identified. I wear black jean leggings from American Eagle for my cosplay.

Shoes: We never see Alice’s shoes in this scene, but why deviate from the norm now? I think those La Coste black flats would look really cute with this outfit. 😉

Well, that was a lot. But whether you’re a new Alice cosplayer or a seasoned veteran, I sincerely hope this was helpful.

Now, if you made it all the way to the end, please tell me in the comments: what’s your favorite New Moon outfit? I’m dying to know!



  1. Hi! I have never seen anyone identify Alice’s necklace with the different hammered discs that she is wearing with her final outfit. I assumed it was custom made. Do you have any clues? Thank you for any help!

    1. I haven’t either and would LOVE to know! I’ve come to learn that not many of Alice’s pieces are custom, especially in the earlier films, so my hope is the necklace is out there somewhere and is waiting to be found. 🙂

  2. “It’s time, it’s time “. I wasn’t a fan of her wardrobe in this film. You’re versions are quite spot on.

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