Eclipse: Alice Cullen’s 5 most iconic outfits

As an Alice fan, it took me a long moment to appreciate the fashion and styling choices in Eclipse. When I first saw the movie, I zeroed in on Alice’s new hairstyle, which seemed too flat, too lifeless, and not nearly as fun as what we’d seen in Twilight and New Moon. That sentiment spread to Alice’s outfits, too, which seemed more casual and low-key than what we’d seen in previous films.

I can now appreciate Alice’s style in Eclipse for what it is: a way to showcase a more focused Alice as she and her family prepare for, and eventually fight, a largely unknown enemy. This is sleek and serious Alice, who’s too preoccupied with figuring out who is exploiting the holes in her vision to style her hair.

As someone who’s currently working from home and definitely does not style her hair every day, I can respect it.

So, like we did for Twilight and New Moon, let’s explore Alice’s five most iconic outfits from Eclipse!

“I’ve decided to throw a party.”

Dress: In many ways, Eclipse is one of the most accessible Twilight films to cosplay from, because Alice wears cute little dresses or jackets in several scenes that are the focal point of each outfit. What does that mean? You only need to buy one piece to have a very recognizable costume. Score!

Case in point: Alice’s sweet pansy print silk dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs, which she wears to school when inviting Bella and her friends to the Cullen house for a graduation party. This piece, which features gorgeous pleating on the collar and all the way down the back, originally retailed for $358 at Neiman Marcus.

You can still find this dress for sale on your resale platform of choice, but beware – there are counterfeit versions of this dress online, too. When looking for it, keep the following in mind:

  • The real pansy print silk dress will have numbered sizing – 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. – and not lettered sizing, like S, M, or L
  • The genuine article is a very dark navy blue, not pure black
  • The dress has a one-button closure at the collar. The button should be black with a gold trim, and not solid black, as seen in the dupes

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask the seller for pictures of the sizing tag or button detailing.

Shoes: We can’t see Alice’s shoes in this scene, but it’s safe to assume she wore a pair of black flats, which, as we know, is an Alice staple. I’m not kidding when I say that literally any pair of black ballet flats will do!

Happy graduation!

Dress: Alice’s graduation dress was by the brand Twenty8Twelve by s. miller and sold at Anthropologie for $390. It’s called the Camella Shift Dress, and the colour is referred to as Laudenham. Really, though, it’s navy blue.

If you’re looking to add Alice’s graduation party dress to your own collection, try looking for the following search terms on eBay and Poshmark:

  • Twenty8Twelve dress
  • Camella shift dress
  • Blue shift dress
  • Blue sheath dress
  • Rouched sheath dress

This can be a tough one to find, but be patient – it’s worth the wait. And don’t worry if you come across one that isn’t in your size. With its baby doll style and elastic gathering in the arms, there’s quite a bit of stretch and “give” to this dress that makes it more size inclusive than much of Alice’s clothing.

Shoes: Although they aren’t pictured in the scene, we know from The Twilight Saga Auction that Alice wore a pair of black ballet flats by Steve Madden with this dress. If you’re looking for her exact pair, keep an eye out for the tiny, pleated details at the top of the shoe.

Hair: This is one of the few scenes where we see Alice style her hair for a nighttime look. In addition to her cute curls, Alice wears a sweet black ribbon in her hair. While the ribbon has never been identified, you could accomplish the same look with a black headband that features an attached bow, or make your own out of a length of plain black ribbon.

“You never have to be that again.”

Hoodie: I love this outfit because we get a glimpse into Alice and Jasper’s backstory, as well as their relationship dynamic, while Alice is wearing it. It’s also our first glance at a truly “casual” look for Alice, who wears a teal hoodie from H&M as the defining piece of this outfit. Beware, though – this can be a tough hoodie to find, and when you do find it, it requires some level of customization. Why? Because the Eclipse wardrobe team added the cute rouching you see around the zipper and the edges of the hood, making this a custom piece. If you’re crafty, you can do this yourself at home – it just may require finding two of these hoodies so you can cut one up and turn it into rouching for the other.

I recently wore this look for the first time in Forks – it’s such a comfortable outfit! My H&M hoodie was customized by my good friend, @miaamecosplays.

T-shirt: Alice is wearing the DOGGIE Tee by SONG, a brand that was sold at a Canadian store called Off the Wall. Featuring a graphic print of a dog wearing a bowler hat, this is a difficult piece to find, so getting your hands on one feels like a true triumph. In fact, only a few Alice cosplayers were able to score this tee while it was still on store shelves, making it one of the rarest Alice pieces in existence.

Pants: Alice wears dark blue stretch denim jeans with this look. The brand hasn’t been identified, but I wear straight jeans from The Gap with mine.

Shoes: For anyone who argues that Alice isn’t a practical woman when it comes to fashion, I’d like to take an opportunity to point out her black Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 trainers, which she wears several times throughout Eclipse. You’ll spot them in multiple scenes where the Cullens are training to take on the approaching newborn army.

“Charlie’s going fishing anyway…”

Coat: Alice wears the Inverness Trench Coat by Elevenses, which originally retailed at Anthropologie for $298, during a conversation with Bella about the Cullens’ plans to go hunting. It’s a great jacket for fall and a very feminine design, featuring bow detailing on the pockets, girlish pleats, and another bow at the back.

If you’re searching for this jacket on eBay, it can also appear under terms like Black Rivet trench or Elevenses trench, so keep an eye out – you could score a great deal if you can find a listing without “Alice Cullen” in the title.

Top: Alice wears a charcoal grey turtleneck from Vince beneath this jacket, which we get small glimpses of during her conversation with Bella. Truly, though, this outfit is a prime example of what I mean by having the freedom to purchase one recognizable piece while filling in the rest of the outfit with alts. So long as you have the Inverness Trench, the style of turtleneck you wear with it is up to you!

Pants: Alice wears black cotton/lycra blend leggings from Talula, an Aritzia brand, with this outfit. Personally, I wear black leggings from Garage Clothing with mine, and they work just as well.

Shoes: The black flats strike again! This time, Alice wears a pair from DKNY, which features black string bows at the toe. If you invested in her Steve Madden shoes and want to use them for multiple costumes, though, you could wear them again here – as well as with the Marc Jacobs dress!

Cullens vs. Newborns

Jacket: Alice is athletic-meet-badass in the Nike Dri-Fit Pacer women’s running jacket. She wears this iconic black windbreaker, which features air vent pockets at the back and chest and thumb holes at the ends of both sleeves, during the climactic battle with Victoria’s newborn army. If you’re searching for this piece and coming up against jackets that look similar, keep an eye out for the five white dots next to the zipper – they’ll let you know you’ve found the right piece.

Top: Alice isn’t wearing a top you can see with this outfit, although photos from the prop auction suggest she wore a long-sleeved grey T-shirt. I tend to wear this outfit with a black tank top beneath my jacket.

Pants: Alice wears black stretch denim jeans with this look. Like the jeans she wore while training, the brand hasn’t been identified, but I wear black denim jeggings from American Eagle to complete this look.

Shoes: Alice wears a pair of black Nike runners to complete this outfit. The exact style has never been identified, but they feature a black Nike swoosh against the solid black canvas of the shoe.

It was truly difficult to make this list, as Alice wears four more outfits in Eclipse – including the iconic look in the movie’s marketing materials – that didn’t make the cut.

What do you think of my choices? Would you have chosen differently? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I love Eclipse Alice, the style’s more consistently ‘grown up’ which makes sense having graduated again etc.

  2. Hi! I believe Alice wears her engagement/wedding ring with the her Elevenses trench. What is the brand of the ring? I know people keep finding it and posting pictures. I have not seen anyone disclose the brand. Thanks for all you do =) I like your choices! My fave is the graduation dress with the hair ribbon.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! We don’t know the brand of the right, but we do know it’s a .925 sterling silver ring that originally retailed at Nordstrom. People have been finding them on Mercari and Amazon these days by searching “silver black heart ring.” I hope this helps!

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