New spot: Wee Hours blouse by Odille

Wow – after weeks of relative silence, it’s been a great week for Alice costuming. First, my good friend Stacy discovered that Alice is wearing the Hiking Ruffles cardigan by Guinevere in black in Breaking Dawn Part II – and now, being the guru that she is, Stacy has spotted another item: the Wee Hours top by Odille.


Hey, like I’ve always said: those costume designers love to put Alice in Anthropologie – so much so that it almost feels weird when we spot any other brands.

The Wee Hours, which retailed for $88, is gorgeous and has a lot of little details that make it feel almost Victorian. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the perfect Alice blouse. Here are the official details from Anthropologie:

Sheer capped sleeves, ruffled details and back buttons hide in the shadows of this top’s deep, dark nighttime sky. By Odille. Side zip Cotton, viscose Hand wash Imported

The commentary online is that this blouse runs both a little short and a little tight, since it has very little give, so if you’re tall, you may need to size up. Despite that, the fit is said to be very flattering in creating an hourglass shape – something I hope is true, as I have one coming in the mail!

An interesting note on this blouse: although it could just be the lighting, which Stacy and I have debated over and discounted, it appears that they’ve dyed the ruffle of the blouse purple or grey. This might be something you’re tempted to do for accuracy’s sake, but for me, personally? I like it the way it is.


If you’re searching for this blouse on eBay, try the following terms:

+ Anthropologie Odille
+ Odille blouse
+ Anthropologie black ruffle
+ Anthropologie lace blouse

Let us know what you think of the Wee Hours blouse in the comments!


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