An outfit a day: Michael Kors driving coat

Well, ladies, Stephenie Meyer Day has come and gone, and what an absolutely incredible experience it was! I was in Forks for six amazing days with my fellow cast members and some of my best friends in the world, and we made memories that I’ll never forget. And the absolute best part? Stephenie Meyer herself came on Friday, September 13 to celebrate her 10 year anniversary of writing Twilight.

That’s right – not only did Stephenie Meyer attend and spend several hours interacting with fans on the beach in La Push, as well as at the Forks Visitor Centre, but she loved the Olympic Coven, the group of official lookalikes I belong to. We were all floored, and extremely humbled, to be able to meet her, and her presence definitely made it the best Stephenie Meyer Day yet!

Since I have so many outfits I’ve never shown off here, I wanted to make one post a day dedicated to each outfit worn during SMD.


This entire outfit was borrowed from the lovely Anna, who played Alice Cullen during SMD 2011 and 2012. Thank you, Anna!

Anna found her Michael Kors ombre driving coat on eBay for an absolute steal, but if you’d like to purchase the custom scarf I’m wearing – Anna and I each have one – visit Ferry Creek Vintage.

Me with Stephenie

One of my favourite people from the weekend – the father of my new friend, Kels!

The cast with Stephenie on First Beach in La Push – we made s’mores after this was taken!

That’s all for now – with many more outfits to go!





  1. You are most welcome! I’m happy I was able to help. It looks so much better now that it’s fitted. What an amazing day that was.
    Now I’ll have to get those Ray Bans and I’ll be set. 🙂
    So happy you were here for SMD!!

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